‘Lighting’ The New Feature Of Google Map for Safer Night Travel

To assist you with strolling towards home securely, Google Maps is purportedly anticipating adding new features to its service to highlight lit streets. Google is said to add another layer to show the road with lighting to make its users’ drive/walk more secure. The avenues that are lit will appear in yellow shading to separate it from those lanes that are dim. The element was found in an APK teardown of the beta adaptation of the application. It is vague if Google will make it live in the open rendition.

As found by XDA Developers, the new component of Google Maps called ‘Lighting’ will assist users with recognizing avenues that are brilliantly lit. As mentioned earlier, the newly added feature will outline those boulevards with great lighting with a yellow shading feature to assist clients with staying away from roads with poor or no lighting. 

It is expected that this Google Map component will be directed in India first where women’s security is a national-level issue. This element is additionally expected to help those individuals for their night travels who are new to the area. There is no clearness so far on how Google will gather and refresh the information on lighting in the city. 


Google has been rolling out this feature for individuals who are new to a place or the individuals who are vacationers. In November 2019, Google Maps already introduced a feature which let your phone to speak out a location name and address in the neighborhood language so as to assist explorers with speaking with their hosts. For more clear discussion Google maps now link the users directly to the Google translate app.

Moreover, Google Maps added another useful feature a month ago that would give users a chance to pursue Local Guides for recommendations, So that users can follow local guides recommendations.

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