Google Assistant on Android Would Now be Able to Read Whole Website Pages to Users

Only half a month back at CES, Google gave a sneak look of a component that would let your Android gadgets read whole website pages so anyone might hear to you — ideal for when you don’t have a hand allowed to scroll yet at the same time need to make up for lost time with some content, or for when you simply don’t want to take a gander at your screen any longer. You’d state, “Hello Google, read this page,” and they’d turn up Google Assistant’s neural systems to produce a pretty darn spot-on reading of it.

Today that feature begins rolling out to all Android device users.

Some Interesting Bits

    1. It’ll highlight the content and auto look over the page as it reads, helping you to monitor where the reading has gotten in a story. Google had referenced this element as a chance previously, yet they weren’t sure it would be prepared for dispatch. It’s in!
    2. You can change the read speed if the defaults are excessively slow/fast for you. Ideal for those individuals who tune in to web recordings at 3x or whatever.
    3. It can interpret! On the off chance that the page you’re requesting that associate read is in a language that isn’t your default, it can naturally interpret over 40 languages into your language of choice.
    4. In case you’re a website admin and for reasons don’t want Google Assistant ever reading a page for all to hear (like on the off chance that it contains delicate data and you don’t need the component some way or another being activated incidentally), they’ve fabricated a “No page read so anyone might hear” HTML meta label that will disable it on a page-by-page basis.

Google says this feature should work on just about every modern Android-based smartphone going back to Android 5 (i.e. Android Lollipop).

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