List of 7 Gadgets and Apps for Women Safety

Women safety in our country is a huge issue with it taking a back seat. With the advancement in technology and government aid, app-based personal safety has surfaced as the most viable option because of its versatility and accuracy. 

Technology is playing a vital role when it comes to safety especially when it comes to a women safety issue in our country. Many tech companies came up with new technologies that can help women keep themselves safe and secure. There are personal safety apps, safety devices, wearable devices, GPS location trackers and much more.

Nowadays, we stand by the need for women’s personal security and so here is our list of top 7 safety apps and gadgets for women safety.

1. My SafetyPin (Available Free on both Android and IOS)

If you find yourself stuck on a crossroads at an odd hour and want safe passage to your destination? Use the My SafetyPin app. On entering your location, the app beacons and alerts your contacts and invites family members or friends to track you. It then gives you a safe alternate passage based on security parameters like public transport, visibility, security, etc.

This ensures the safety of the person in transit while being under the aegis of someone known.

2. Eyewatch SOS for women (Available Free on both Android and IOS)

It claims to be the most advanced personal safety application in the world. The app has the ability to capture audio and video data which is then relayed to your registered “guardian” with an alert message. The app has high location accuracy and can function without GPRS and safety confirmation features. 

On the app, you have different alerts that will trigger an SMS being sent to your guardian along with your location. After reaching your desired location, you can hit the “I am safe” button to let your guardian know that you are safe.

3. CitizenCop (Available Free on both Android and IOS)

It’s a community-based safety app that lets citizens report criminal cases or illegal activities taking place in their area. Cases of theft can also be reported here. Based on the provided information, the application creates a safety zone for women through what it calls eLakshman Rekha and provides features like location tracking, SOS calls, and SMS alerts.

4. Shake2Safety (Available Free on both Android and IOS)

In situations of grave danger or unsafe location, reaching for your phone and then opening an app and calling for help might not be very easy. Shake2Safety works on that by allowing the victim to make emergency SOS calls by pressing the power button four times (panic button) and shaking the phone. 

App sends an SOS message to your registered number along with making an instant emergency call. The app works even without an internet connection.

5. bSafe

bSafe is an individual security application that makes a ‘social safety network’ of people who get a notice in the event of a crisis or in circumstances where the user feels risky. 

The application gives a caution which sends the specific area and audio & video of the surrounding areas to the contact recently chosen by the user. The application sets a timer alarm that will naturally send an alert to companions if the user fails to return so as to kill the caution. It is likewise fit for starting a fake call into their telephone on the off chance that they need an interference.

6. Letstrack

Letstrack is a vehicle security device with an application. Users can install this gadget on their vehicle and interface it with their phone. It offers features like connectivity in rural areas of the country, real-time tracking, 24*7 history, give zone cautions, and the most significant SOS alert.

7. Safelet

Safelet is a wearable gadget that comes with 2 panic buttons to send a message or contact your family or friends. In addition, it likewise synchronizes with the user’s phone to begin audio sound recording. If there should be an occurrence of a risky circumstance, the concerned part who gets the alarm can quickly dial the crisis number accessible inside the application.

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