What is Android Based Televisions? All that You Need To Know To Get Started

What is Android TV? In straightforward terms, it’s Android for your TV. For those needing a more top to bottom answer, this article is here to help.

Television operating system has experienced a significant change in the course of the most recent couple of years. There are as yet various organizations utilizing exclusive software, including Samsung and LG. In any case, various TV producers are currently picking to utilize the assistance of a third party operating system.

Android TV is one of those choices. One that is given by Google. 

Is Android TV Equivalent to Android Versatile?

This is an application platform. In that sense, it is fundamentally the same as the variant of Android running on your cell phone. 

Android TV users can download and install applications from the Play Store simply as they do on their phones. Despite the fact that not all versatile applications are accessible for the TV and the explanation is the user experience.

Are all Android Applications Available on Android Televisions?

Televisions are not designed with touch controls. Not at all like your phone, there’s no swipes, taps or signals being used. Rather, TVs generally depend on the use of remote control. 

Android applications are developed from the beginning touch controls at the top of the priority list. On the off chance that those applications were made accessible on a TV as-may be, users would think that it’s hard to explore the application. At times, unimaginable. 

Because of this, TV applications must be optimized by the developers before getting accessible on a platform like Android TV. Enhancement guarantees every one of the things you can do with the cell phone variant, you can likewise do with remote control. 

Not all app developers have improved their applications for the TV and along these lines, not all Android applications are accessible. The quantity of improved apps has become impressively throughout the years, however, there’s still a significant number missing.

How Would I Use Android TV

Like your phone, everything starts with the home screen. Frequently alluded to as the ‘leanback launcher,’ this is the place you’ll discover the applications you utilize regularly. 

In recent versions of the platform, applications have been supplanted by what Google currently alludes to as “Channels.”

In fact, nothing has changed as channels are still applications. The thing that matters is essentially how they are presently shown. Each application presently has its own channel and this enables the client to see a greater amount of the application’s substance.

One approach to comprehend the thing that matters is to think about the channel structure as an application likeness an electronic program control. An approach to perceive what’s right now accessible to watch. Rather than clicking to dispatch an app, you can click straightforwardly on a TV show or motion picture and start viewing.

The drawback of channels is that less applications are obvious on the home screen at a given time. This may mean the client needs to scroll all the more regularly to perceive what else is on – again like an electronic program guide.

The news is this is a genuinely adjustable platform and users do have the choice of mentioning to the working framework what applications they like or utilize frequently. In other words, you can reasonably effectively set the home screen to just show your most loved applications and that’s it.

What are the Advantages of Android TV?

One of the clearest advantages of Google’s TV platform is application support. While we just referenced how there’s a great deal of applications as yet missing, Android TV uses the Play Store. This is an extraordinary hotspot for applications and each major app that gets released is additionally released to the Google Play Store.

This implies thousands of applications are now accessible and ready to download.

technohub android TV

Smarthome users profoundly put resources into Google Assistant will likewise discover Android TV openings into the environment pleasantly. Google Assistant is perfect with Android TV and more up to date forms of the stage really accompany Google Assistant inherent.

This won’t meddle with your current Google Assistant gadgets, however rather will give an extra way you can launch the Assistant.

Utilizing the Assistant on your TV not just gives input to questions asked or the capacity to control other brilliant home items, yet in addition, enables you to look through the TV to discover substance to watch. Just as alter a few angles, such as the volume.

What are the Issues with Android TV?

As of now referenced, probably the greatest drawback of Android TV is that not all Android applications are upgraded for the platform. This incorporates some genuinely significant ones. The scene is continually improving however you might need to check if your most loved applications are upheld before purchasing an Android TV gadget.

What may be another drawback for some is the biological system when all is said in done. For instance, on the off chance that you are intensely put resources into Amazon and its Alexa environment, at that point this probably won’t be the best alternative for you. 

A third analysis of the platform is that there are no first-party items accessible. Google still can’t seem to discharge its very own Android TV gadget and in this manner, you should purchase an item from an outsider. This can bring about different issues, for example, manufacturer support and updates.

How Might I Get Android TV?

Subsequent to being formally uncovered during Google I/O 2014, the main buyer prepared gadget was propelled as the Nexus Player. The Nexus Player is never again accessible to purchase yet the platform and number of gadgets have developed significantly from that point forward. 

There are three fundamental approaches to get Android TV and will quickly go over the alternatives now.

Through Your Provider

One of the more up to date approaches to get Android TV is through an operator. For quite a while, operators have furnished customers with a set-top box. As of late, operators have been overhauling that experience by exchanging their set-top box over to an Android TV set-top box.

These newer gadgets may not really look like Android TV as they can be profoundly altered by the operators, however, underneath it’s Android TV.

This is as yet a genuinely new industry switch, yet you can hope to see more operators in various pieces of the world releasing new gadgets powered by Google’s TV solution. 

Probably the latest example in the U.S. includes AT&T and its AT&T TV set-top box or Sling TV and its AirTV gadgets.

Through Your Genuine TV

Probably the simplest approaches to get Android TV is in reality through your TV. In the course of the most recent couple of years numerous TV makers have decided to utilize Google’s answer to power their most recent items. 

The advantage of this methodology is that there’s no requirement for any extra equipment. The TV itself runs on the OS framework and the arrangement is negligible. 

A portion of the TV brands presently offering TVs controlled by Android TV incorporates Sony, Sharp, Hisense, Philips, and Skyworth.

android tv

Through a Different Gadget

The third route is to just purchase a different streaming gadget. Along these lines isn’t that distinctive to the operator method as the most well-known choice is a set-top box. The thing that matters is the set-top box won’t be altered by the operator. Rather, it will run an increasingly conventional-looking version of the software. 

This additionally implies you won’t need to stress over staying bought into the operator’s service of hold access to the set-top box. 

While set-top boxes are a typical product, they are not by any means the only choice. In the course of the most recent couple of years, Google has been working diligently to carry the platform to new shape variables and devices. 

This implies you can really get Android TV remembered for a wide scope of gadgets, similar to a projector or even a soundbar. 

What’s the Most Mainstream Android TV Gadgets?


Ostensibly, the most popular gadget is the NVIDIA SHIELD TV. This is a set-top box that can be effectively appended to your TV and requires no extra buy to utilize.

One of the advantages of NVIDIA’s solution is that it accompanies an accentuation on gaming. This is a superior set-top box and one that is very much bolstered as far as software and security updates. 

The NVIDIA SHIELD TV is accessible to purchase from different retailers including Amazon. The NVIDIA SHIELD TV costs anyplace somewhere in the range of $150 and $200 in the U.S.

Xiaomi Mi Box S

The Xiaomi Mi Box S isn’t as incredible or as highlight rich as the NVIDIA SHIELD TV, yet its significant selling point is the cost. This makes the Mi Box S one of the least demanding and least expensive approaches to begin with Android TV.

The Xiaomi Mi Box S is accessible from various retailers including Amazon. The Xiaomi Mi Box S costs $69.99 in the U.S.

Official Versus Unofficial Android TV

It is critical to take note of the distinction between official and informal Android TV as this could affect the experience.

There are some boxes that are referred to as an ‘Android TV box.’ This is on the grounds that they do run on Android and they are a container that associates with your TV. Notwithstanding, this isn’t really Android TV.

While these boxes do run on Android, they are not using the authorized version of the platform. This additionally commonly implies they are not intended to work with applications that have been improved for the platform. 

Official Android TV is a licensed item. Any gadget utilizing the official version will probably make it understood on the crate or in the item description. You can likewise check what official gadgets are accessible by going to the official platform site.

Is Android TV the Best Choice for me?

There are various components that may impact your choice. Ostensibly, one of the most significant is your current arrangement. All things considered, this is a smart TV platform and ensuring it plays pleasantly with your other brilliant home gadgets will guarantee the most ideal experience. While Android TV is an incredible decision for anybody hoping to change to a gushing gadget, it’s by all accounts, not the only decision.

Amazon offers various gadgets that sudden spike in demand for Fire TV OS making it a superior alternative for those more put resources into Alexa. Fire TV devices accessible from Amazon incorporate TVs committed set-top boxes and TV sticks. 

At that point, there’s Roku OS. Like Google and Amazon’s answers, Roku OS is another TV-streamlined stage that gives access to a considerable lot of the equivalent applications and services. 

Roku OS is additionally accessible to purchase like a TV, set-top box or TV stick.

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