Android 11 Developer Preview Improves Face Recognition System and Adds Tons of New Features

Google has released its 2nd Android 11 developer preview with a few changes. It brings an entire pack of features, one of which is a genuinely necessary expansion to the face unlocks system which currently gets the ‘Expect eyes to be open’ switch. This implies the telephone won’t open if your eyes are not open. Alongside this, some additional features like 5G state API, pivot point identification for foldable, variable refresh rate for applications and games, and resume on reboot, among others.

Back in October of a year ago, Google said it would release a fix for the face unlock feature on the Pixel 4 which used to open the smartphone in any event, when the client wasn’t taking a gander at it. Not long ago, the element was added to Pixel 4 however it didn’t appear to work. Presently, with the most recent developer preview of Android 11, the element is back, as revealed by xdadevelopers. As per tests directed by Android Police, the component works both with and without glasses, and in various lighting conditions.

As the name proposes, the developer preview is intended for developers and a great deal of the features are outfitted towards these clients.

A portion of these features has been recorded on Google’s Android 11 DP2 blog which includes:¬†

5G State API

This allows users to check on the off chance that they are on a 5G New Radio or Non-Standalone network. Developers can utilize this element to feature the application’s 5G experience when the client is associated.

Hinge Angle for Foldable

DP2 includes a pivot edge sensor that permits applications to get the exact pivot point which can enable developers “to make¬† adaptive experiences for foldable.”

Call Screening Service Upgrades

Google presented the programmed call screening feature for Pixel 4 users with the principal Pixel include drop in December a year ago. It permits users to know who’s calling and why, even before they answer the call. This component has been improved with DP2 and now, call-screening applications can report a call dismissal reason. A post call screen can likewise be modified to let clients mark a call as spam or add the number to contacts, in the event that they so pick.

New Operations and Controls in Neural Networks API

Google found a capacity that permits its AI to have “quicker preparing time and higher exactness over a wide assortment of undertakings.” Control operations empower further developed AI models that help circles and spreading. New execution controls have likewise been added to limit inertness for regular assignments.

Variable Refresh Rate

This allows applications and games to set a favored frame rate which is an incredible expansion to DP2, given the expanding number of gadgets with high invigorate rate screens.

Resume on Reboot

Even however the telephone will at present need to restart after Over the Air (OTA) updates, applications will currently continue on reboot which implies ordinary usefulness immediately, without the user opening the gadget with the new DP2.

Scoped Storage Updates

The new scoped storage model in DP2 better secures application and user information on external storage. The administration of stored documents has likewise been improved.

xdadevelopers have likewise noticed a couple of different changes and upgrades in DP2 like Notification History choice in Settings alongside a Manage Conversations alternative to control applications which show up in the Conversations region. The Pixel Wallpaper application has been redone, the screen recorder UI has been refreshed, a ‘Tap to Restart’ choice has been included that makes it fit the telephone’s viewpoint proportion, and another ‘HD sound’ has been included for Bluetooth sound.

The Android 11 DP2 can be downloaded to Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a/Pixel 3a XL, or Pixel 4/Pixel 4 XL telephones.

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